Advanced WordPress solutions we provide:

Migrating to WordPress

If you are currently using Joomla or Drupal, WordPress and looking to migrate to WordPress: We certainly have the experience and ability to do so. Please get intouch with us for a demo of WordPress and understand its strengths and limitations.

WordPress Optimisation

Most WordPress websites operate very slow because of the many plugins and scripts installed on the website. We help businesses rebuild and customise their websites to work faster by bringing our proprietary templates and methodologies that comply with most SEO standards.

WordPress Maintenance

We monitor and ensure that all the websites we build are updated regularly. Both the core and plugins of the website are upgraded as soon as there are new releases. The upgrade will ensure that all our websites are secure.

WordPress blog articles

26th Sep 2021
Understanding online chess addiction and its powerful characteristics
Online chess addiction is a deceptive addiction that can creep up on you, in this article we go over some of the characteristics of the…
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20th Sep 2021
An Easy way to Creating a CPT Category page in WordPress
Create a custom post type CPT category page in WordPress and list CPT Categories
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11th Sep 2021
Apple Arcade review on the fantastic new Apple Tv 4K
A first look at the Apple Arcade and how Apple TV 4K stacks up against the PlayStation 4. Does the bionic chip measure up.
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