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Meteoric Resources, Investor update – Andrew Tunks

This was a fantastic interview done with Mr. Andrew Tunks from Meteoric resources and was designed to be an investor update to the shareholders of the company. The video was featured on the ASX, in an announcement that was posted​ out to all its members.

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Asset Property Management

It was a great privilege to film property videos for Asset Property management located in Melbourne Australia. Property videos are always a great way to show of a property to potential online and international visitors.

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IRIA Joomla project


This was a medium scale project that took about 4 weeks to complete.

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JRANA Branding and Web Design

We loved building the branding and UI design for JRANA, we went all out on this design and bringing the vision of the company to life.

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AHRQ Logo Design

When developing the AHRQ brand, we wanted it to be simple yet highly distinguishable, to make it stand out as an industry leader in the market.

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MiaPet Logo Design

We loved creating this pet brand, focusing on the dog and cat motifs.

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