Melbourne Web Design Solutions

Web Design and development

As a web design company, we love creating unique websites for our clients. Explicitly crafted to clients brand requirements, we delight in bringing a visual experience to the website visitor.

We design our high fidelity or low fidelity web designs using Figma, Sketch, Affinity Designer or Photoshop.

CMS Web Development

Our CMS of choice is WordPress, but we are also very familiar with Joomla and Drupal. Since 2020 we have been exclusively developing new websites using WordPress.

We have chosen to specialise in this platform because it is one of the most versatile and easy to customise frameworks used on small to huge projects.

Read more about our Melbourne WordPress Solutions.

Website maintenance

We offer ongoing 24/7 support and lifetime warranties on all the websites we build. We ensure all our WordPress websites are updated periodically from month to month and maintain constant code backups.

We believe that the best defence is a good offence, so all of our websites are built with security in mind.

Website support

We also support marketing and sales teams set up new landing pages, graphics, and other content that might be required for a sales campaign.

We also have the skill to facilitate the building of more complicated elements if needed in a campaign.

Our dedicated Melbourne web design support is also available to meet with you in person if required.

Website Hosting

We work exclusively with a few Melbourne based web hosting companies that offer great web design services. The hosting companies we use are Linux based and have very specific tools that our website developers work with.

Some of these tools include version control and security features that allow us to keep your website safe from malicious activities.

SEO Optimisation

We ensure that all the content that flows through us onto the website is search engine optimised. We take a deeper look at keywords, internal links, image tags, website URL addresses, page descriptions, and more to ensure that your website scores a high SEO grade.

As part of our SEO strategy, we can also provide a content strategy that includes blog posts, external website guest posts and short social media posts, all designed to promote your products or services constantly.

Our clients

Pental Australia Client
Box Hill Institute web design freelancer
Pronto Melbourne Contractor
Throughput IT web designer
TruFlow Melbourne Spray Booths
Victoria Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission
TWU Victoria and Tasmania

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