Remote Worker

The perfect solution if you are looking for a part-time designer or website programmer. We often complement internal marketing or communications team and aid them in creating some truly effective multimedia.


Priority Access

No rush fees, quick responses and the quickest possible turnarounds to jobs is what we guarantee.

Multi Skilled

It’s hard to find an experienced professional across multiple disciplines. With Toffy you gain access to a professional who is very well experienced across Web, Graphic Design, Video media and more.


All software and media collateral used on your projects are fully licensed and authorised for commercial use under a monthly retainer contract. We also use state of the art equipment to develop all your media requirements.

No Overheads

All the advantage of having a dedicated designer without the expensive overheads of employing a dedicated resource. No expensive overheads such as expensive equipment, superannuation or office space.


When committing to a retainer agreement you will receive a discounted hourly rate which can save you up to 30% of our normal hourly rate. The more you use with us the more you can save.


All files used in the development of artwork are constantly backed up for no extra charge to your company.


We are a well-resourced company and use some of the best equipment from state of the art computers to cinema-grade video cameras. Save big by outsourcing your multimedia design needs.

Low Commitment

Pay for a minim number of hours and benefit from a resource that is always on stand by. No ongoing contracts, cancel anytime.

Lets talk about your needs!

Please email us about your needs and we will get back to your with a great solution.

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Some of our work

09th Jan 2022
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