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Joomla is a content management system’s that we like because of its ease of use and ability to integrate with third-party components, plugins, and modules. It is one of the most versatile cost-effective CMS solutions out there and best of all developed using the PHP programing language that we specialize in.

We build Joomla templates from the ground up and prefer not to use third-party templates. We provide top-notch Melbourne Joomla Support being local to the area.

Joomla melbourne

Joomla is used to power websites of all shapes and sizes

Joomla is used by very small to very large websites and is a highly scalable platform that can be tailored to meet business goals and designed to grow with your company.

It is currently being used in various industry sectors that include government, corporate, not for profit, schools & colleges and church websites.

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Website Development

We build Joomla sites from the ground up and do not use pre bought templates. We take great pride in custom designing every single website we create and proud to say that no two website designs are alike.

If you are looking for a company that stands head and shoulders above companies in the design field, we are definitely the company for you.

System Upgrade

It is highly recommended that if you are currently running a Joomla website that you always keep it up to date with the latest stable release to ensure that the latest security patches are installed on your website.

We provide an effective upgrade service that constantly ensures that your Joomla version is always up to date and functioning as required.

Joomla Hosting

We provide secure third party website hosting that also includes version control for your website code. That means that we keep a secure copy of every version of your website code in a safe and secure location. We also constantly use the version control system during Joomla upgrades or feature enhancements which ensure a bug-free website.

Joomla migration

We migrate sites from WordPress or legacy Joomla installations into brand new Joomla installations with the latest security patches.

We encourage a Joomla installation to be constantly upgraded from time to time to prevent security breaches.

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