It is important to get yourself ready for a webinar. The more prepared you are, the higher the quality of your webinar will be. The following is a checklist of some of the basic things you should consider before your webinar:


Always practice the content of your webinar with family and friends.

presentation in a test webinar with family or cologues. The more you p


Please do not wear checked or striped clothing, as they might cause a strobing effect on live video or when played back on YouTube, linkedIN or Facebook.

Try to wear non-reflective seeing/reading glasses if you have them. It is always a little bit harder to work with reflecting glass wear of any kind as they produce un-natural reflections. If not be aware of the reflection your viewers can see in your glasses.


Ensure that you are sitting in front of a good light source and there is no light coming from behind you. If there are windows doors that allow natural light behind you, please close them. The better the quality of light you shine on yourself, the better your web cam image will be.

A small amount of ambient light, such as LED string lights or low powered lamps might add to the ambience of your video and can be strategically placed behind you.


Having a great mic will make a big difference in your production. Using the mic on your headset or the inbuilt mic in your computer, can sound very faint and often pick up a lot of background noise, making it harder for your audience to hear what you have to say. Using a dedicated Mic connect to your computer can make a world of difference and can be purchased at a local store for between $150 and $400 AUD.

Be there early

Be there on time and early, once a webinar. Ensure that your webinar call is set to the right time zone. Often software like Zoom lets webinar hosts and other presenters into a room earlier than the other members. (In zoom this is called practice mode). Please ensure that you are a Panelists on a Zoom call, Panelists get special invites that allow them into the main room earlier.