It is important to get you and your team ready for a shoot. The more prepared and organized you are, the higher the quality of your production will turn out during the day of your video shoot.

The following is a checklist of some of the basic things you should consider pre-shoot:


Please Ensure that you are well dressed and well presented on the day of your shoot and maybe even carry a spare shirt or pant. Always remember that your video has the potential to reach thousands if not millions of viewers, so looking your best is of top priority. If you have a t-shirts, shirts, tie or any other attire with your corporate logo / brand colours, they always turn out great in a video.

Please do not wear checked or striped clothing, as they do cause a strobing effect on videos when played on YouTube or Facebook.

Try to wear non-reflective seeing/reading glasses if you have them. It is always a little bit harder to work with reflecting glass wear of any kind as they produce un-natural reflections.


It is always a great idea to have a written script in place. Practise like you would when giving a presentation. The more you practise with a script the more natural you will come across when delivering to the camera or interviewing a person on camera.

A great script can also be improvised, and we encourage you the talent to improvise on a pre written outline when delivering to the camera.


It often takes us 45 minutes to an hour to set up lighting and cameras, so please ensure that you are aware that we might be early onset to prepare for the shoot. 

If we are shooting at your place of work, we do need a person from your company to show us around your facility and make us aware of any work safe compliances. 


Please be aware that we will require a lavaliere mike to be placed on the shirt or jacket of all talent presenting, and a lead run inside your shirt or jacket and clipped onto your pant belt or pocket.

You are welcome to take the mic into a toilet or private room if you need to loop it down your t-shirt or shirt.


Please ensure that the location of the shoot on the day is easy to access, well presented and clean and designed or laid out to your specification.

We tend to film how a location is presented to us as we like to capture unstaged natural environments.

Please let us know in advance if we need special security access to be gained prior to your shoot date.

Direction (DOP):

Our main job during the day of the shoot is as “Directors of Photography”, please be open to some stage direction and guidance. Our main goal is to produce a very natural looking video production that speaks volumes to our audience.