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How to avoid the need to issue “y” several times when removing protected file

To avoid being asked about removing files, add the -f (“force”) option: rm -f /path/to/file

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DigitalOcean WordPress Droplet – Unable to upload to uploads folder issue

perform the following commands in SSH on your droplet. sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/wp-content/uploads and sudo chmod -R 774 /var/www And then give access to the relivant linux user sudo usermod -aG www-data $USER

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Unable to upload files, NGINX / Ubuntu / WordPress

I could not upload images on a new droplet created in Digital Ocean. Specifications of the droplet: Ubuntu server running NGINX. I ran the following script to change permissions of the uploads folder: sudo chown -R www-data:www-data wp-content/uploads/

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Create a New directory

User the following code in terminal to create new directories

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Installing PHP GD

PHP is not limited to creating just HTML output. It can also be used to create and manipulate image files in a variety of different image formats, including GIF, PNG, JPEG, WBMP, and XPM. Sometimes you will need this PHP plugin installed on your server.

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Checking website speeds

On your Mac Terminal window: time curl your website URL > /dev/null If your SSH’d into the website: time wget your website URL Note: some of these commands may create a files that create a index.html file, so please be aware of this.

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Create a directory

Use the following code to create a directory in Linux.

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Remove or delete a file or directory

remove a file $ rm filename.txt remove a directory or folder $ rm -rf folder name

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