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CSS Odd even rows

Use the following CSS code to add a style to odd or even div elements or entries: .row{ &:nth-child(odd){   background-color: darken($grey,3%); } }    

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XMP – Great to embed code for documentation

Use the XMP tag to embed code for your documentation.

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CSS expanding text ellipsis dots (…)

If a title or text within a H1 or H2 tag is too large and to prevent the text from wrapping or breaking a column use the following bit of code which will embed (…) instead of the text.

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Using For loop with animation delay

The following way is an easy SCSS for loop that will generate child classes to delay animations of divs with the same class. .service{ position: relative; padding: $padding_l 0px; opacity: 0; &.visable{ opacity: 1; } // Loop through the items and add some delay. @for $i from 1 through 12…

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Setting the SCSS Output Folder

Use the code to set the output directory of a SCSS file. sass –watch input-dir:output-dir  

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Adding a @mixin

Mixins are one awesome little tool you can use in SCSS, to pull in code that could be commonly used in a variety of locations. Mixins do act like mini CSS functions. This is a very basic example of a mixin:

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