Logo Design to Love

Having a strong logo design for your company will clearly identify the value
and opportunity you can bring to another business.

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Logo design projects

AHRQ Logo Design

When developing the AHRQ brand, we wanted it to be simple yet highly distinguishable, to make it stand out as an industry leader in the market.

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Check out this beautiful custom built WordPress website, designed to impress with its subtle yet detailed beauty, we designed this site like it was our own.

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SkyOrb Logo Design

An Emoji styled logo designed for a new up coming IT related service. Rumour around the service is that is a revolutionary automated service and we wanted to reflect that in its brand and logo design.

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Why create a brand?

Customers think of brands, not companies – become a concept that retains mind-share for what you do. The core aim is that your logo and branding will engender a connection in peoples’ minds, so they will always recognize your brand even if they are exposed to it for a short amount of time. We guarantee a service that can provide you with a brand image you and your employees will be proud of.


Your logo and brand has to be:

  • Unique
  • Identifiable
  • Related
  • Retain

And this is what we strive for in every logo design project we create.


The strawberry blog

Create an options page

Use the following code in functions.php to create an options page   if( function_exists(‘acf_add_options_page’) ) { $option_page = acf_add_options_page(array( ‘page_title’ => ‘Theme Settings’, ‘menu_title’ => ‘Theme Settings’, ‘menu_slug’ => ‘theme-general-settings’, ‘capability’ => ‘edit_posts’, ‘redirect’ => false, ‘parent_slug’ => ‘options-general.php’ )); }

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How to avoid the need to issue “y” several times when removing protected file

To avoid being asked about removing files, add the -f (“force”) option: rm -f /path/to/file

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tag.php not including tags from custom post types

Ran into a very funny problem when creating a template, basically, when a tag was clicked and the template sourced the tag.php page it was not quering any posts in any of the custom post types on the website. By adding the following code it fixed the issue: function wpse28145_add_custom_types(…

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