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Best image sizes to use for Social Media posts

The following should only be used as a rough guide when creating your images. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ all do a great job at resizing and re-orientating images automatically from posts or pages on your website. So if you are stressed about creating a single image to fit on both, don’t,…

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Open Graph Integration with Joomla k2

Using open graph is the easiest way to integrate images for social media cards on Twitter and Facebook.

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wordpress security release

Custom built restaurant restaurant menu

This function was custom built 

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Adding sharpness to an image in Affinity photo

Follow thee following steps to add sharpness to an affinity photo image. Open image and select the layer Go to Layer > New Live Filter Layer > Unsharp Mask Filter Adjust Radius and option to suit sharpness level.  

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world password protection day

Happy world password day!

If there is a day that you would reset the passwords on your  Joomla websites or WordPress websites today would be that day, and thankfully now its an international recognised day. 

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Disable user registration in Joomla

Use the following steps to disable users from registering and signing up themselves in Joomla. Almost of hackers might try to register themselves as users on the site and try to hack the site, so in some cases when its not required it is essential to turn this feature off.

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CSS Odd even rows

Use the following CSS code to add a style to odd or even div elements or entries: .row{ &:nth-child(odd){   background-color: darken($grey,3%); } }    

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Change permission settings for Joomla users

If you have set up a new Author in Joomla and find that they are not able to log into the Joomla Admin console. There there Permissions settings might not be set up right. Follow these steps to find the User permission settings: Log into joomla Go to Global Configuration…

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Simple but effective .htaccess blocking for IP address

This is a simple but very effective way to block people from accessing folders in your website. Simply create a .htaccess page and place the following code: #Order deny,allow JOE Allow from [user ip address] We use this on most of our website installation to lock access to a website to…

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Joomla security update

Joomla 3.8.6 Security Release is out!

Joomla security release is out,
Low Priority – Core – SQLi vulnerability in User Notes (affecting Joomla 3.5.0 through 3.8.5)

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