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How to avoid the need to issue “y” several times when removing protected file

To avoid being asked about removing files, add the -f (“force”) option: rm -f /path/to/file

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tag.php not including tags from custom post types

Ran into a very funny problem when creating a template, basically, when a tag was clicked and the template sourced the tag.php page it was not quering any posts in any of the custom post types on the website. By adding the following code it fixed the issue: function wpse28145_add_custom_types(…

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Joomla 3.8.9 Release is out!

Joomla 3.8.9 is now available. This is a security release which addresses 2 security vulnerabilities and contains over 50 bug fixes and improvements. Do not forget to update your site today.

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Replacing text with Font awesome

This replaces a bit of text in a div with some font awesome icon.

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project management

Setting up a task in

Follow these steps to create a task in

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Final Cut Pro and iMovies Sharing Domain Compression Error

In recent months I’ve started using iMovies as a faster way to put photos together into a simple slideshow and the ability to also move a project to an iPad is ultra handy, they have almost identical workflows. I, however, faced an unusual issue on a brand new MacBook Pro…

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project management our official project management tool

It has been a while coming and after working with a number of other project management tools we always seem to keep coming back to

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Best image sizes to use for Social Media posts

The following should only be used as a rough guide when creating your images. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ all do a great job at resizing and re-orientating images automatically from posts or pages on your website. So if you are stressed about creating a single image to fit on both, don’t,…

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Open Graph Integration with Joomla k2

Using open graph is the easiest way to integrate images for social media cards on Twitter and Facebook.

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wordpress security release

Custom built restaurant restaurant menu

This function was custom built 

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